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MICA has many fabrication studios where students create work.  Some of these shops are open to the entire campus, others are specific to departments.

MICA's fabrication studios are amazing spaces where students learn and make.  Each of these studios provides the equipment and resources that allow students to create objects in a wide range of media.

10 SOREL M Leather Women's 'n Booties Zest B About Out Dove US The "campus-wide shops" are open to all MICA students, regardless of major.   There are five such studios, each suited to different needs. The Wood Shop, in the basement of the Fox building, has a complete array of woodworking tools. The Model Shop, on the first floor of the 15/15 building, is suited for small scale work in a variety of media. The Graduate Studio Center Wood Shop is located on the lower level of the Graduate Studio Studio Center, and is available to all MICA students.   The Digital Fabrication Studio provides a variety of methods of making physical objects from digital files and supports the integration of digital technologies into physical objects.  The 2D Prototyping Lab enables students to make a variety of objects based in 2D processes including printing, cutting, and binding.  During open hours, these shops are staffed by technicians who ensure safety and provide assistance.

The "departmental fabrication studios" include the Sculptural Forms Studios, the Metal Shop and other Interdisciplinary Sculpture studios, the Ceramics studio, the Fiber studios, Printmaking studios, and the shops in the Rinehart Graduate Sculpture program.  Access to these spaces is typically limited to majors and students currently enrolled in a relevant departmental course.   

Use the links in the navigation bar to find the hours and details for each studio.